Who we are

Born to learn is a small NGO created in Moshi, Tanzania, in January 2011.A few volunteers got together and joined forces with the idea to offer education to many children in the community of Newlands who didn’t have the opportunity to attend the public school due to a lack of economic resources.

We employed two local teachers, Devotha and Flora, who together with volunteers help us prepare these children to achieve the objective of getting them into school.

We also employed Mama Baraka who does the Porridge every day to feed our kids, because many of them only eat once a day.

Nowadays, we employed 2 other teachers; Charles and Susan, so 4 in total. And we also provide lunch in addition to uji.

Thanks to people like you who are interested to make a better world we already have 17 girls and boys at Tanzanian public and private schools, 3 other adults learning how to be a mecanic and another 120 in our project waiting to the oficiality of Born to Learn. For that we are building our new school.

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough economic resources to put into public schools all those children who are not attending school in the community of Newlands, and not even enough human, material and infrastructural resources to provide them at least an education in our project. There are over 200 kids that are doing nothing during the whole day…

That’s the reason why we would like to build a school one day, where all kids from the community of Newlands will have an education, and will learn to fish, so in the future they will be able to find a job and bring the fish home.

We think education is the tool to get jobs in the future, and the Tanzanian government seems not to take care of that… for that reason we started Born to learn.