Our projects:

Below is a list of volunteer work opportunities we offer. Please let us know if there are other areas of volunteer work which you are interested in, but are not listed on this page. We are open to new ideas and suggestions.

  • Assist in teaching English language, mathematics, arts and science, one to one tuition, physical education… to our kids at BTL.
  • Assist in teaching how to read, write and count to a small group of children with special needs.
  • Attend meetings and giving out seminars with the local women’s association. Sharing knowledge on themes based on basic health issues, hygiene matters, nutrition and many other issues. Exchange experiences from all different cultures.
  • Social work volunteer, checking the family situation by visiting houses, checking community basic needs, getting new kids into the project, taking care of kids which are already in schools etc..
  • Organizer of the P.E classes and after school activities. Organizing summer camps, gyncanas, all kind of sport’s championships with other schools in the community, games…
  • Agriculture; help farmers and parents of our children with new ideas to get more productivity and new species that could grow in that area.
  • Health issues; first attention to kids and adults in the community, prevention of TB, HIV, malaria and other diseases.
  • Tell us about any other project or idea you think it might be interesting for them according to your knowledge. Some other volunteers have already done some courses on massage, yoga, karate, photography, painting…